A look behind the scenes.

Cape Town Party Pics
September 8, 2015

Life after dark

I've always taken photos when I've gone out, and inevitably they end up forgotten and lost on my hard drive. Finally, I've decided to "set them free".
Muizenberg Architecture
September 4, 2015

Muizenberg – A different world

Muizenberg, Cape Town. I've just moved to this super relaxed coastal village 23km South of Cape Town.  Like nothing else in South Africa, the architecture and culture seem to have merged and morphed over time, creating relics of time past, as if created in a dream, where nothing seems to make sense. The juxtaposition of seventies...
September 12, 2014


WOW! I CANT BELIEVE THE SITE IS NOW FINALLY LIVE!   It took a while but its up and ready to be used and abused! (Please don't literally try and hack it! - Ill have laser eyes come out of your screen and cut your pinky off!!!) Still lots to do, so don't be surprised...