Unearthed – Animation

A documentary about  fracking.

“A young South African swallows her optimism on fracking in her Karoo hometown after a mysterious phone call from the US leads her to uncover the hidden truths of the gas industry.”


“Un-earthed challenges the assertion that hydraulic fracturing is a safe, time-tested technology and questions whether shale gas is the solution for our energy-hungry world.”

Jolynn Minnaar contacted me to assist in some of the motion work needed for this documentary, we sat down and she gave me the lowdown, we had an amazing coffee at at origin, and before our hour was over I was intrigued and excited to be apart of this project. Even if only a small part.

I needed to design and animate some of the “propaganda” style News report animations, and some other elements that would be seen throughout the doccy. The style had to be simple, almost cheesy, and depict a news room animation.

-low resolution animated gif of gas being extracted from shale.

For more info or screening times please visit: www.un-earthed.com

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