The Challenge:

Most of Tieg’s work came from referrals, and he wanted to grow his online presence. He had started designing his own website, and setting up his facebook page and even made his own logo, but soon realised he was running into problems. He wanted his start-up to represent his professional and high tech solution to farming analysis, but it was looking a little messy, and rather unprofessional.

He came to me with a basic idea – he knew what he wanted, but just couldn’t get it to work alone.

The solution:

To create a look and feel, that could be repeated consistently – enabling his professionalism to shine. The core concept supported his business values, enhancing his entire business perception – which meant potential clients had more trust in him and his company, leading to a direct increase in new customers.

We worked closely, communicating back and forth to ensure we were both on the same page, after a few rounds of drafts we settled on the icon and logo, and started implementing the conceptual side of things, this was what would ensure his brand was always on point. Once we were happy with the final direction, all elements were supplied ready to be shared online.


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“Such a great job on the logo and branding guide for Dragonfly Precision. Floyd came up with well-thought-out and balanced designs and ideas all through the entire process across multiple drafts and revisions. Couldn’t be happier with his work. Thanks again, Floyd!”

– Tieg Taurum, Founder: Dragonfly Precision