109 Hatfield Façade

109 Hatfield
Vinyl Façade




109 Hatfield Street is situated in Gardens near the vibrant City Bowl in Cape Town, South Africa, and is surrounded by iconic landmarks like Table Mountain, Lions Head and Parliament.

With the 2014 World Design Capital coming to a close, we needed to update the old design and come up with something that aligned with the Summer season. We weren’t ready to say goodbye to our cheerful yellow building so we needed iconography that both stood out from and complemented the paintwork; festive but not cliché, bold but tasteful. We also wanted to say “We are here – This is Africa!” The line; Under This African Sun, was chosen as we felt it embodied our roots and our base. It is also a nod to our continent which is constantly growing and bursting with new opportunities.

The yellow building on Hatfield has become a landmark – and the gold reflecting the bright energy from the sun, exemplifies the energy that resonates from within.




OKHA Store front SAOTA Building
Under this African Sky SAOTA
OKHA Store front with bike passing
OKHA Store front SAOTA
OKHA Store front
OKHA Store front Frame

Flo Logo Gold End

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