Terms & Conditions.


  1. It is agreed that 1 (one) single and final design shall be delivered in the necessary formats. (If no format is stipulated on commencement – the designs are delivered as JPEG and PDF formats by default)
  2. The client reserves the right to further edit and manipulate any files, including those considered final.
  3. All designs and drafts produced during development remain the property of Floyd Paul and as such can not be used in any way by the client until payment has been made in full.
  4. The use of any development files, imagery, designs, or graphics created by Floyd Paul during any project remains the property of Floyd Paul.
  5. For the use of draft imagery or designs an additional fee will ensue. Pricing is determined on a per project basis.
  6. A 50% (Fifty percent) Non-refundable deposit is paid upfront before commencement of any work.

The client acknowledges and agrees to these terms on commencement of  work, and the deposit paid serves to confirm the client agrees and is bound by these terms.