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Architectural Visualization,
and   Web Design

Welcome to my portfolio website! I am a versatile creative professional specializing in branding and identity, architectural visualization, and web design

Based on the picturesque island of Gotland, I draw inspiration from the beautiful surroundings to create stunning visual experiences. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for innovative design, I strive to bring your vision to life.

Whether it’s crafting a cohesive brand identity, bringing architectural projects to life through visualization, or creating engaging web designs, I am dedicated to delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations.

Explore my portfolio and let’s embark on a creative journey together.

Vans Digital and Print Ad.


Branding + Design
+ Art Direction

Stellar Equipment

Redefining outdoor, redefining brand direction. Creating a loyal following who aspires to be amazing on the mountain whatever the conditions. The direction called for new graphic systems to highlight technical aspects of the products, With David Carson-inspired details showcasing selected elements. The juxtaposition of the full colour and black and white images aimed at creating two distinct emotions; one of adrenaline, speed, and energy, the other; of exploration, peace, and vastness. Part of my brand direction included a design guide for their in-house magazine publication. Combining handwritten typography with the clean type treatment, aimed at connecting the hands-on/old school approach to planning and preparing alpine ski trips and highlighting key features within the article.

Architectural Visualization
with Unreal Engine

Branding + Design
+ Art Direction

Digital Marketing for Kitesurfing lessons with Gotland Kites + Surf.
Photo of a wet and rainy sticker.

Kite + Surf

Gotland Kite + Surf is a personal summer project I founded in 2022.

The design and visual identity of Gotland Kite + Surf is central to our mission of infusing a fresh take on classic surfer vibes. The branding draws inspiration from the pristine beauty of Gotland’s coastline, where the azure waters meet golden sandy shores. The colour palette reflects the harmony of nature, with shades of ocean blue, sunlit yellows, and earthy browns. These colours not only evoke the feel of a day at the beach but also signify our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Our logo is a combination of a stylized wave and a soaring kite, symbolizing the two core activities that define our brand. The wave represents the timeless allure of surfing, while the kite signifies the exhilaration of kiteboarding. The fluid lines and organic shapes in our logo convey a sense of freedom and movement, mirroring the dynamic experiences our community enjoys on the water. The cliffs are a strong part of Gotland’s identity. It’s a visual representation of the energy and passion that our members bring to every session.

Typography also plays a crucial role in our visual identity. We’ve chosen a blend of bold, modern fonts with a hint of retro flair to capture the essence of both the contemporary and classic surf cultures. This font choice adds a sense of timelessness to our branding, making it relatable to surfers and water sports enthusiasts of all generations. Altogether, our design and visual identity tell a compelling story that reflects our dedication to reimagining surf culture while staying true to its roots and values.

Architectural Visualization with Twinmotion

Branding + Design
+ Art Direction + Illustration

Conscious consumer goods – made from ethically sourced organic materials, with a fully traceable supply chain, Wandering Soul x SUPRALIMINAL is a young adult clothing brand. Supraliminal, which means to perceive above the threshold, hoping to inspire the average non-vegan to rethink society’s norms and hopefully move towards reducing the meat in the diet or going meat-free. The graphic direction is light and fresh, with a little bit of 70’s era flower power. Screen-printed elements and slight weathering add to the visual aesthetic.

Various Logos + Branding Projects

3D – Product

AI-Generated Design

I am enthralled by AI-generated visuals and am always looking at ways to incorporate this rapidly advancing technology into my creative workflow.


Here I have explored combining prompts that generate photo-realistic imagery with black-and-white “control net” imagery to create a realistic image that can contain hidden image.


The hidden image can be seen easily from a distance or by simply blurring your eyes to reveal an image within the image.


The use of AI to generate these concepts enabled me to create and explore these visual concepts in minutes.